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English 160 &161: Introduction to Library Research

Topics from last class

Article Databases

Research Tips:

  1. Try out multiple databases, some general/multidisciplinary and some that are subject specific.
  2. What category or discipline does your topic fall under? There is probably a subject-specific database that will have in-depth coverage of research in that field.
  3. Use the Library Search on the UIC Library homepage find books (e-books, print books, and book chapters) as well as articles. Book chapters can provide helpful overview/background information on a topic whereas articles often have a very specific focus (they might examine a specific study versus providing broad context)
  4. Saving and Citing: Look for the permalink options to find a permanent link for a source. Use the Cite option to generate a citation in any style. Set  up a RefWorks account to save citations to  books and articles and generate  bibliographies.
  5. Get help with searching and any aspect of research by asking a librarian! Use Chat with a Librarian or set up Help By Appointment under Contact Us on the UIC Library website