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English 160 &161: Introduction to Library Research

Topics and Claims

What are some of the topics and claims you're researching from the books you're reviewing? Be as specific as possible, and feel free to post multiple ideas.

Article Databases

Research Tips:

  1. Try out multiple databases, some general/multidisciplinary and some that are subject specific.
  2. What category or discipline does your topic fall under? There is probably a subject-specific database that will have in-depth coverage of research in that field.
  3. Use the Library Search on the UIC Library homepage find books (e-books, print books, and book chapters) as well as articles. Book chapters can provide helpful overview/background information on a topic whereas articles often have a very specific focus (they might examine a specific study versus providing broad context)
  4. Saving and Citing: Look for the permalink options to find a permanent link for a source. Use the Cite option to generate a citation in any style. Set  up a RefWorks account to save citations to  books and articles and generate  bibliographies.
  5. Get help with searching and any aspect of research by asking a librarian! Use Chat with a Librarian or set up Help By Appointment under Contact Us on the UIC Library website

Selected Websites for Statistics and Data

The following websites can be used to find data and statistics compiled by the United States Government, the largest publisher of statistics in the United States. When seeking information from other avenues (e.g. Google searches, social media), it is recommended that you apply the SIFT Method, a digital literacy strategy based on the practices of fact checkers from the field of journalism.

Tips for Reading Scholarly Articles

What is a Peer-Reviewed Article?