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Nursing: Books/E-books

This guide has links to databases, evidence-based practice tools, tutorials, and more.

New Books & E-Journals in Nursing

Finding Books

Nursing E-Books Collections

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Find E-books

E-books may also be found in the Library Catalog. After performing a catalog search, you may narrow your search to E-books by selecting "Electronic" and "Book" from the choices on the right side of the page. Or, try the new E-books search, below.

Finding Books in the Library

To find books by title, author, or subject, search our Library Catalog.

Most books at the Library of the Health Sciences are shelved by the National Library of Medicine Classification system. Books written specifically for nursing are usually classified "WY".  Here is a select list of where you can find books related to nursing:

  • QS Anatomy.
  • QT Physiology.
  • QU 145 Nutrition.
  • QV Pharmacology.
  • QY 1-39 Lab Tests & Procedures.
  • QZ Pathology.
  • WB 205 Physical Examination.
  • WB 340-356 Drug Administration.
  • WY 11-11.1 History of Nursing.
  • WY 13-15 Reference Works.
  • WY 16 Nursing as a Profession.
  • WY 17 Atlases. Pictorial Works.
  • WY 18-18.2 Nursing Education. Review Books.
  • WY 20.5 Research.
  • WY 26.5 Informatics.
  • WY 31 Statistics. Surveys.
  • WY 49 Handbooks.
  • WY 85-87 Ethics. Nursing Theory. Psychology of Nursing Care and Nurses.
  • WY 100-100.4 Nursing Care, Assessment.
  • WY 101-145 Special Fields in Nursing.
  • WY 150-170 Medical-Surgical. Geriatrics. Maternal-Child. Pediatrics. Psychiatric. Etc.