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Health Sciences Gateway: Medical Reference

A gateway to resources for all health sciences disciplines, including research databases, clinical tools, and reference resources.

Reference Books

The following call numbers represent where you can find popular reference or reserve books:

Dictionaries & Encyclopedias  

QV 13 Pharmacy                     
W 13 Medicine                      
WA 13 Public Health                  
WB 13 Medical Encyclopedias     
WU 13 Dentistry  
WY 13 Nursing


QV 22-22.1 Pharmacy
W 22-22.1 Health Professions
WA 22-22.1 Public Health
WB 22-22.1 Medicine
WU 22-22.1 Dentistry
WX 22-22.1 Hospitals
WY 22-22.1 Nursing

Drug Information

QV 738-738.1 Pharmacopoeias
QV 772 Non-Prescription Drugs


QV 21 Pharmacy
W 50 Medical
WA 21 Public Health
WB 60 Bioethics, Clinical Ethics
WU 50 Dentistry
WY 85 Nursing

Laboratory Techniques

QY 25 Manuals
QY 39 Handbooks


QV 16 Pharmacy
W 16 Health Professions
WA 16, WA 900 Public Health
WB 16 Medicine
WU 16 Dentistry
WX 16 Hospitals
WY 31 Nursing

Style Manuals/Writing Guides



QV 15 Pharmacy
W 15 Health Professions
WA 15 Public Health
WB 15 Medicine
WU 17 Dentistry
WY 16 Nursing

E-reference Collections

Selected Dictionaries and Directories

Style Guides

Style guides are often located in reference and are for use in the library, please check record for more information.

AMA Manual of Style

Additional Reference Resources