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Scalar: Publishing Your Book

Publishing Your Book

As we discussed under the "Dashboard" page of this guide, you can add pages to your book by adding them to the "Table of Contents" under the "Properties" tab of your dashboard. This means that when you publish your book, those items will be visible. You can also manage which pieces of content are visible or hidden through the edit page of each piece of content. However, none of it will be available to your audience until you publish your book.

You publish your book under the "Properties" tab of your dashboard by selecting the first two options of the "Permissions" section: "No login required" and "Can be found in Scalar index and by search engines." Your book is now available to the public. This action can be reversed at any time.


When creating digital content, it is important to be mindful of accessibility. You want your content to be available to as many types of viewers as possible. Here are some resources and tips for thinking about accessibility:

  • Accessibility Toolkit: A free online textbook that gives guidance on a variety of digital accessibility needs.
  • Accessible Colors: A free digital tool that allows you to evaluate your color choices based on contrast accessibility to viewers with visual impairments.
  • Consider having translations for your content into other languages.
  • Utilize the "description" boxes on Scalar content to write visual descriptions of media.