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Scalar: Dashboard

The Dashboard

Think of the dashboard as the backend of your project. All of your content lives in the dashboard and is accessible to you at any point, even when unpublished. It is also where you will eventually "publish" your book.

Getting to Your Book Dashboard

You can get to the dashboard of your book two ways.

1. On the home dashboard screen, you can select "dashboard" next to the name of your project.



2. If you simply select the title of your project and not the "dashboard" button, you will be directed to the front facing version of your book (we will discuss that page in the next section). In that case, you will select the wrench icon on the right side of the top bar and you will be directed to the dashboard of your book.


Orienting Yourself to the Dashboard

Once you are in your book's dashboard, you will see several tabs. The three most important tabs are Content, Properties, and Styling. We will focus on those three for this guide.


Any time you create content (media, pages, tags, paths), they are stored in the Content tab but will not automatically be added to your book until you move them (we will discuss how in the Properties tab). From this tab, you can also add new pages or media, view previous versions of your content, and delete any content.




In this tab, you can change the title, subtitle, description, and URL for your book. You can also change the access settings, which will become important when you are ready to publish your book. 

Most importantly, it is in this tab that you are able to add pages or other media to your book. To do that, you select the "Add Item" button under "Table of Contents." You can also re-order your pages in that same location.




In this tab, you are able to customize some of the visuals of your book.