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Scalar: Book Page

The Book Page

The book page is the front-end of your project, where you are able to view it as a visitor to your site would. 

Orienting Yourself to the Book Page

When you first open your book, this is what you will see:



From left to right:

Navigation: When you hover over the navigation icon, you will see your Table of Contents. Once you have added material to your Table of Contents from the dashboard, it will show up here.



Compass: When you hover over the Compass, you will see an option for "Visualizations." From there, you can see several different visual interpretations of your book.




Search and Help: Search your project or get help.

Add Page: Click on the plus icon to make a new page.

Edit Page: Click the pencil icon to edit the current page.

Add Media: Click the dropbox icon to upload new media.

Delete Page: Click the trash icon to delete the current page.

Return to Dashboard: Click the wrench icon to return to the dashboard page of your book.

Account: Click the profile icon to return to your account page and manage your book projects.