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Scalar: Media

Media Sources on Scalar

From the Scalar website: "The import feature links Scalar to partner archives. When media are imported, source media files remain on the archives' servers. However, information about the media (including title, description, subject) are converted to Dublin Core (and other) metadata fields and saved locally in Scalar. Metadata can be updated manually or by re-importing the media." There are three sources for media that you can add to your Scalar book.

1. Affiliated Archives: Scalar is affiliated with a number of internet archives such as Critical Commons, Internet Archive, and the Shoah Foundation Archives. You can find and add any available media from these archives to your book. 

2. Other Archives: You can upload media from sources such as YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, and any site that uses Omeka for archive management.

3. Files and URLs: You can upload files directly from your computer or from the URL of an image or other piece of media. You will most likely be using this feature the most often.

Adding Media from an Affiliated Archive

1. On the top bar of the book page, hover over the dropbox icon and select the affiliated archive from the dropdown menu. For this example, we will be looking at Critical Commons. 


2. From this page, you can input a search term. 


3. From this page, you can browse results and select the ones you would like to add to your Content by clicking the small box next to the piece of media and then selecting "Import Selected."


4. During import, you will have the ability to input metadata, though much of it will already be automatically inserted.


Once uploaded, you can continue to browse the archive or you can view the page for your recently uploaded media. You can also edit that media by selecting the pencil icon on the media page.

Adding Media from Files and URLs

1. On the top bar of the book page, hover over the dropbox icon and select "Files and URLs" from the dropdown menu.


2. If you select "Upload Media Files," you be able to upload media from your computer and input any metadata necessary. 


3. If you select "Link to Media Files," you will be able to input a URL of a piece of media (note: it must be the URL for that media alone and not a webpage that contains that media). On this page, you will have the option to add a title and a description as well as add the media to a path or tag. You can also edit the metadata or layout for the media page.