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OJS 3 User's Guide: Getting Started

Background Information

Open Journal Systems is an editor-operated, open source program that allows users to manage and publish scholarly journals online. It assists with every stage of the journal editorial process. It also helps to manage and keep track of all the contributors of a journal including editors, reviewers, authors, etc.

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Front End

Back End


Users and Roles: Users

Users and Roles: Roles

Setting Up Your Journal

The Journal Manager oversees the journal's responsibilities:

  • Set up the journal website
  • Configure the system options
  • Manage user accounts
  • Enroll the Editors, Section Editors, Copyeditors, Layout Editors, Proofreaders, Authors, and Reviewers
  • Access to journal's other management features
  • Create new sections for the journal
  • Set up Review Forms
  • Edit default emails
  • View statistics and reports
  • Import and export data
  • Access the editorial workflow and all journal submissions

View user accounts by selecting Users & Roles on the left hand side of the dashboard


  • Email users
  • Edit users
  • Disable users
  • Remove users
  • Login as a user
  • Merge User
  • Add user
  • Register a user from another Journal



  • Each role has a different permission level within the journal ranging from Reviewer to Journal Manager. Depending on their permission, different roles will have access to various functions and processes including Submission, Review, Copyediting, and Production. New roles can be added and the amount of access in each role can be customized.
  • Edit roles
    • Permission level
    • Role name
    • Abbreviation
    • Stage assignment
    • Role options
  • Major Roles:
    • Site Administrator
    • Journal Manager
    • Editor
    • Section Editor
    • Author
    • Reviewer
    • Copyeditor
    • Layout Editor
    • Proofreader
    • Reader


Site Access Options

  • Additional Site and Article Access Restrictions
    • Choose from options to limit access
  • User Registration
    • Determine whether users can create their own accounts or must be enrolled by a Journal Manager