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Requirements for Metadata Only Records

  • INDIGO is not the place to submit confidential, private, or sensitive data.  It is not HIPAA compliant.   However, you may have stored data that individuals with the correct authorization and security, could have access to your secured data.   It is possible to create meta data only records in INDIGO, in order to make others aware of this data, and the processes and procedures they must adhere to in order to gain access to this data.
  • To submit a meta data only record, you will not submit the data set itself into INDIGO, but you will enter information about the data set.  Information about the type of data and contact to request permission to access the data will be needed.   
  • Please review the information provided on the Depositing Data page, including How to Prepare your Data for Deposit.   While you will not upload the dataset, it may be appropriate to upload a READMe files or data dictionary here to facilitate reuse of the data or further explain the content.

To Create Your Metadada Only Record

  • Your Metadata only record will include information such as the dataset title (title), who created it (authors), information about the data (description), and re-use permissions contact information.   Please see How to Prepare your Data for Deposit for more information.
  • Description field for metadata only records: Provide information that describes the data set in enough detail so that another research can determine if the data is of interest to them to request to re-use the data set.   In addition, provide details/ procedures on how someone can request the data set and what are the conditions/ requirements that must be met for access to and re-used of the data.  Also include information about the restrictions/ policies, data characteristics, and preservation plans.
  • You will not include the dataset, but you may consider uploading a READMe file and/ or data dictionary if appropriate to facilitate data reuse.

Metadata Only Records Reserved for Datasets

The intent of INDIGO is to make scholarly materials directly related to scholarship available to others.    There are times because of privacy and HIPAA concerns, it is not possible to attach a data file to INDIGO.  Metadata only records are reserved for datasets when it is not possible due to privacy concerns or other requirements to upload the dataset directly into INDIGO.   The intent of the Metadata only records is to make others aware of the availability of the data, while not providing direct access to the data.  See the Metadata Only Records tab for more information on how to upload metadata only records for datasets.

The reasons you may publish a metadata only record include:

  • Your data are sensitive and can only be shared with people who meet specific conditions. The metadata only record will include information on how to apply for access to the data. 
  • You’ve previously published the data elsewhere, but you need to publish a record in a specific repository to fulfill funder or institutional requirements. The metadata only record should provide a link to the original location of the data.
  • You’ve previously published the data elsewhere, but you would like to make your data more findable by publishing metadata only records for the data in other repositories. These metadata only records should provide links to the original location of the data.

Metadata only records with links to the full-text of publications on other websites will generally not be approved.