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Data Management Implementation Program - Instructor Guide

This is the instructor guide for the DMIP

Learning Objectives

  • Students will learn the principles and best practices for creating and using templates, standard operating procedures, and checklists
  • Students will explore examples of these these objects and decide what they need to support their research projects. 
  • Students will create one of these objects.

Readings and Videos

Credible checklists and Quality Questionnaires by Chauncey Wilson: Types of checklists

ISBN: 978-0-12-410392-4


Pre-Session Prepwork

  • Consider the tasks and procedures that you have to accomplish for your project. List which of these may be repetitive enough to make a template, SOP or protocol useful.
  • Consider the tasks and new steps you have to do to keep up with data management. What type of checklist would you need to keep up your data management. 

Tasks to Complete

  • In class discussion of SOPs, checklists, and templates/protocols.
  • Create a new checklist, SOP, protocol, or template to support your new data management task