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Data Management Implementation Program - Instructor Guide

This is the instructor guide for the DMIP

Program Description

This program is part of a research study designed to help students learn data management best practices and implement them. The study consists of eight (8) weeks of flipped classroom instruction. Materials will be given to participants outside of session to read and review. Session time will be dedicated to facilitating discussion, answering questions, and directing activities that guide participants in implementing them into their research workflow. 

Participants will be expected to participate every week of the program, complete all surveys, and document their progress in implementation. 

Program content is outlined as follows: 

  • Week 1: introduction to Data management
  • Week 2: Discipline standards
  • Week 3: Mapping your research project
  • Week 4: Folder structure and documentation
  • Week 5: File naming, tables of contents, and indexes
  • Week 6: Templates, Indexes, and Readme files
  • Week 7: Templates, checklists, SOPs
  • Week 8: Sustainability and Personal policy

Program Administrator

Profile Photo
Tina Griffin (LHS-Chicago)
1750 W Polk St
Chicago, IL 60612