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Data Management Implementation Program - Instructor Guide

This is the instructor guide for the DMIP

Learning Objectives

  • Students will learn the principles and best practices for creating and using Tables of contents, indexes, readme files, codebooks, and/or dictionaries.
  • Students will begin to create these objects for their research projects. 

Readings and Videos

Creating and using a Codebook by Mark Litwin

Pre-Session Prepwork

  • Consider where you have conflicts within your folder structure and also your file naming scheme where you lose context between research objects.
  • Outline what documentation or finding aid (ex: index, table of contents) you might need to clarify that conflict. 
  • Outline what elements would need to be documented.
  • Download documentation spreadsheet and it's corresponding instruction sheet to use in class

Tasks to Complete

​Review the "messy" spreadsheet in class and determine what kind of documentation will be helpful to understand it. How might a table of contents, index, and readme file be relevant to this example.

  • Determine where additional documentation is needed for your project and plan the appropriate object. 
  • Upload completed spreadsheet for documentation needs.