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Data Management Implementation Program - Instructor Guide

This is the instructor guide for the DMIP

Learning Objectives

The objectives for this week are: 

  • Identify elements of a research data lifecycle
  • Identify personal values regarding research data management
  • Identify other entities (funder/lab/etc.) values regarding data management.
  • Reflect on the gaps that may exists between value systems as they relate to the data life cycle

Readings and Videos


  • Data Management for Researchers by Briney:  Chapter/section 1.2:  What is Data management?
  • Data Management for Researchers by Briney: Chapter/sections 8.1-8.2: Storage and Backup
  • Data One Module Lesson 1: Why data Management. 


  • Data Management for Researchers by Briney: Chapter/section 2.1-2.4:  The data lifecycle

Pre-Session Prepwork

To prepare for this week:

  • Read the assigned assigned documents/slides
  • Consider what your personal values are regarding data management
  • Consider what the your lab or research group's values are for data management
  • Consider what your funder or other influencing entity expectations may for data management (if you know)

In Session Tasks to Complete

The in session tasks for this week will be: 

  1. Discussion and map exercise about the elements of the research data lifecycle
    • Using the materials provided, create a research data lifecycle as it applies to your work.
    • What activities do you identify as data management activities in each of the stages of your data life cycle?
  2. Written reflection on values regarding data management. 
    • Why is data management important to you? What do you expect to get from having improved data management skills?
    • Where does your data management values align with your lab, funder, or other entity?
    • Where does your data management values misalign with your lab, funder, or other entity? In what way?