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Data Management Implementation Program - Instructor Guide

This is the instructor guide for the DMIP

Learning Objectives

  • Students will learn the components of a data management plan
  • Students will map the infrastructure for their own projects

Readings and Videos


  • Data Management for Researchers  by Briney Chapter 3: Planning for data management
  • ICPSR's Guide to Data Management Plans (PDF)
  • DMPTool Quick Start Guide


  • PLOS Computational Biology: Ten Simple Rules for Creating a Data Management Plan


Pre-Session Prepwork

  1. Create a "blank" Data Management Plan at (see link below)
    1. Click "Get Started"
    2. Use Option 1: Your Institution is affiliated with DMPTool. 
    3. Find University of Illinois at Chicago in the list.
    4. Click "go" should take you through the University Single Sign-on. You will be on your dashboard page.
    5. Click "create Plan"
    6. Fill out form
      1. Select "mock project for testing, practice, or educational purpose"
      2. Fill out project title
      3. Fill out funder if you have one. If you don't, you can select one that you may apply for in the future or you can select "No funder associated with this plan or my funder is not listed"
      4. Select Template if applicable
  2. Build/Complete the lists from last week of analysis, assays, software, and/or types of data you acquire/collect

Tasks to Complete

  • Start your formal Data Management Plan using the DMPTool
  • Build a map of your research project infrastructure.