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Peoria Medical Students

Resources and curriculum support for UICOM Peoria medical students

Health & Safety Information

Please Help Us Prevent the Spread of Viruses by Following These Guidelines:

Face Masks

  • Face Masks are optional
  • Face masks are available at the Library's Circulation Desk

Sanitize Your Hands

  • Use hand sanitizer before using or touching any shared surfaces (computers, printers, copier, self check-out, etc.)

Sanitize Your Work Area Before and After Use

  • Wipe down desk, table, chair arms
  • Wipe down computers, keyboards, and mouse

Food & Drink

  • Food is allowed in the Library Open Area and in the Study Rooms
  • Food is not allowed in the Library Learning Lab
  • Covered drinks are permitted in the Library and Learning Lab

Library Staff will Handle all Materials

  • When you're done with your library books, please place them in the book drop by Open Reserves or leave them on the table.
  • Please do not return books to the shelves.
Thank you for your help in maintaining a safe and sanitized Library environment for all to use.

Anatomical Models

Below is a clickable pdf of the anatomical model catalog.  These models are available at the Library of the Health Sciences Peoria.

Please see the catalog for check-out policies. If you have any questions about the models, please inquire at the service desk at the front of the Library.

Library Small Group/Study Rooms

The Library of the Health Sciences at Peoria has four large study rooms:

  • Campbell
  • Henderson
  • UICOMP Faculty & Staff
  • Cullinan

These rooms are sometimes used for curricular activities and testing. If the room is open with no reservation, you are able to use it.

There are two small unnamed study rooms in the back of the Library that are available on a first-come-first-served basis.