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Peoria Medical Students

Resources and curriculum support for UICOM Peoria medical students


Welcome to the Peoria Campus of the University of Illinois College of Medicine!

This Guide is designed to help you find the information and resources that you need as a medical student on the Peoria campus.  We hope that you find the information useful and that you will let us know what would make this Guide better.

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Need help navigating the vast scholarly and clinical information landscape?  Have citations without anyway to organize them?  The Library of the Health Sciences can assist you! 

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Phone: (309) 671-8490


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Library of the Health Sciences - Peoria

Second Floor

UICOMP Building

One Illini Drive, Peoria, IL 61656


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DynaMed & Isabel DDx

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The Library of the Health Sciences is now providing the clinical tool DynaMed with Isabel. Created through a partnership with DynaMed and the ACP, this is an evidence-based clinical summary tools to use in medicine and nursing. In addition, the differential diagnosis generator ISABEL is included in this trial.  With these two tools working together, it will support you through diagnosis to treatment.


Should you have any questions or comments on use of these clinical tools, email or call 309-671-8490.


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