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Theatre and Performance: Finding Plays & Streaming Media

Finding Plays

Searching for Plays in the UIC Library Catalog

Use the search bar on the UIC Library Home Page to look for plays in the library catalog. You can search by entering the title of the play or the playwright's name. You can also try searching by topic and including the term "playscripts" in your search to find some of the titles in our collection that are categorized as scripts and might be of interest.

When you search in the UIC Library Catalog, your results will include some physical texts that can be found in Daley Library as well as some digital resources available digitally through UIC's databases such as Drama Online. For digital plays, follow the instructions on the record page to access the text online.

If you need support searching for scripts in the library catalog, don't hesitate to reach out to a librarian! 

Searching For Plays in Online Databases

UIC students, staff, and faculty have access to a number of online databases that provide full-text or excerpts of scripts. Bellow are three popular databases for searching for plays and scripts. As with searching in the UIC Library Catalog, you can search in these databases using a play title, playwright's name, or topic. 

Streaming Media

Use these databases as a starting point to stream full length plays, interviews, and more. 


Having trouble finding the play texts you need in the library catalog? Please feel free to email me and I am happy to schedule a time to work with you. Consults can be done in person, via zoom or email.