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Theatre and Performance: Home: Getting Started


Welcome to the research guide for Theatre at UIC! Whether you are an Actor looking for your next monologue, a Costume Designer looking for images and inspiration, or a Theatre Historian working on a paper, this guide is designed to be a starting point for finding the tools and information you need.

Theatre at UIC

Visit the School of Theatre and Music's website to learn more about this year's theatre season and UIC's theatre degree programs. 

Faculty Publications

This list represents only a small selection of works related to theatre and performance studies written by UIC faculty.

General Theatre Resources

The library has many books on theatre and acting, as well as books of plays and individual playscripts. Use the search box on the library homepage to find books in the field of theatre. Listed below are just a few selected texts.


I am available to assist with research needs on an individual basis. Please feel free to email me and I am happy to schedule a time with you. Consults can be done in person, via zoom or email.

Citing Sources

Citing your sources is a way to give credit when quotes, ideas, or inspiration you use came from another source. The Library's Citation and Style Guide can help you get started on using proper citations in your work and projects. 

UIC Writing Center

Writing is one of the most important skills that students take away from college. To help students learn about writing, UIC offers a special free resource, a peer writing center, where students work with other students to improve as writers. Visit the UIC Writing Center website for more information or to schedule an appointment. 

About this Guide

This guide was co-written with graduate assistant, Sarah Rebecca Gaglio, MSLIS.