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Theatre and Performance: Costume, Hair, & Make-up

Costume Design: Technique & Craft

Hair Design: Technique & Craft

Make-up Design: Technique and Craft

Images & Inspiration for Costume, Hair, & Make-up Design

Museums, galleries, newspapers, magazines: all of these are places for costume, hair, and make-up designers to look to for inspiration. Below are a number of resources you can use to search for images of historical and contemporary fashion. You might also like to visit the Art, Design, and Finding Images page of this guide for additional links that may be of use.

Primary Source Research for Designers

Primary Sources, like photos or newspaper clippings or even advertisements, can be great resources for designers in search of visual inspiration. Visit the Primary Sources for Artists page of this guide for links to databases that can connect you to a number of helpful primary sources.

Guilds, Associations, & Professional Resources