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Neatline: Additional Features

Additional Features

One of Neatline's strengths is that it can be as simple or as complicated as you, the user, would like. What we have discussed so far will allow you to make a basic but useful exhibit. However, there are a number of additional features that you can use to further customize your exhibit. Here are just a few.

SIMILE Timeline

A SIMILE Timeline allows you to chart Neatline Records temporally along a timeline. 

For more information on customizing the SIMILE Timeline Widget, watch this video:


Points vs Polygons

Neatline Records can be associated with either points or shapes on your map depending on what works best for your project.

For more information on using points versus polygons, watch this video:


Text Widget

If you would like to format your exhibit as a long-form narrative with Neatline Records connecting to the text via hyperlinks, you can do so using the Text widget.

To learn to use the Text widget, watch this video:



The Waypoints widget allows you to attach Neatline Records to a list on the side of your map for easier navigation.

For more information on arranging the Waypoints, watch this video:


Map Layers

In Neatline, it is possible to include one or more maps over the base map. You may want to use this for something like a historical map, or perhaps multiple historical maps from different time periods, that you would like to place over the base map.

To learn how to add map layers, watch this video:


Images as Points

It is possible on Neatline to make the points associated with your Neatline Records images themselves.

To learn to use images as points, watch this video:


Additional Resources

Click here for more videos by Wired! At Duke. They also have a written tutorial that can be found here.

Neatline's own guide can be found here.