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Neatline: Creating a Neatline Exhibit

Creating a Neatline Exhibit

1. Once you have installed Neatline, you can select the Neatline tab on Omeka and then select "Create an Exhibit."


2. On the Exhibit page, you can create a title and a URL slug (the last portion of your URL address). You can leave the Narrative section blank for now.



3. Under "Widgets," select Waypoints. If you would also like to include a Timeline, select SIMILE Timeline as well. You can always change this later. 

If you would like your exhibit base layer to be a map, under "Default Spacial Layer," select "OpenStreetMap." 

If you would like your exhibit base layer to be a photo, leave "Default Spacial Layer" blank. Under "Image Layer," input the public web address for the image you would like to use. This can be from anywhere on the internet or from your Omeka items. You can find the public web address for an Omeka item by clicking on the image associated with your item until the image is the only thing on the page then copy the web address for that page.

Do not worry about anything else on this page for now. Select "Save Exhibit" at the bottom of the page.



4. You have now created a Neatline Exhibit. If you would like to return to the previous page to edit your exhibit, select "Exhibit Settings." 

If you would like to view the public page of your exhibit within your Omeka website, you can select "Public View." If you would like to see the public view of just your Neatline exhibit, select "Fullscreen View."

To add content to the exhibit, select the title of your exhibit (here it would be "Example Exhibit").

Neatline's Interface and Structure