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Neatline: Adding and Editing Content

Before Adding Content

When you first open your Neatline exhibit, you will see a map and a timeline (if you selected SIMILE Timeline). To the left will be a column with three options: Records, Styles, and Plugins.

Records: This is where you will add and order your Neatline records. Records are pieces of information or media that make up your exhibit. 

Styles: In this tab, you can edit the default view and maximum/minimum levels of zoom.

Plugins: Here you can edit the settings for any plugins you added to your exhibit including Waypoints and SIMILE Timeline.



The first thing you should do in your Neatline exhibit is select the portion of the map you will be using. To do this, toggle until you find the part of the map you will be using, zoom in to your desired view, then under the "Styles" tab, select "Use Current Viewpoint as Default." Once you do this, anyone opening your exhibit will immediately be sent to the view you have selected. You can change this at any point by toggling to a new viewpoint and then just selecting "Use Current Viewpoint as Default" again.

You can also limit the audience's view further by creating a "Restricted Map Extent" and/or Minimum/Maximum Map Zooms.