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Neatline: Adding Content

Adding Content

1. To add content to your map, first select "Add Record." 

2. Then add a URL slug and a title. You can also add text into the "Body" section, if you would like. 



3. If you would like to create a Neatline record using an Omeka item, you can click on the "Item" tab and select the item you would like to use from the dropdown menu.



4. Under the "Map" tab, you can create points, shapes, and lines on the map that will correspond with the record you are editing.



5. Once you have created a point or a shape, you can edit the properties under the "Style" tab. 

  • If you would like the image to show up on the sidebar, add "Waypoints" to the "Widgets" box. If you would like to add it to your timeline, add "SIMILE Timeline" to the same box. You will also have to enter dates into the "Dates" section of this page.
  • You can edit the color of your point or shape in the "Colors" section of this page. Fill Color is the initial color visible on the map and Fill Color (Selected) is the color the point or shape becomes when you hover your mouse over it or click on it. This applies anywhere you see "(Selected)." Stroke Color is the outline of your point or shape.
  • You can adjust the opacity (transparency) of the point or shape under the "Opacities" section of this page. Full opacity, enter 0 and for no opacity, enter 1. 
  • To adjust the size of the point, change the "Point Radius" under the "Dimensions" section.
  • You can make your point an Omeka item image by entering the image URL into the "Point Image" box of the "Imagery" section.
  • Remember to save as you edit so you do not lose any work.




Creating and Styling Neatline Records