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RefWorks and Other Citation Management Tools

Citation Management Program Help Guides & Tutorials on RefWorks and EndNote

Getting Started with EndNote

About EndNote:  EndNote is a bibliographic management software program installed on your computer. It allows you to create your own personal database by importing references from text files or online databases. You can use these references in writing papers and automatically format the paper and the bibliography in seconds.

EndNote can be purchased at a discount through the UIC Webstore by UIC faculty, staff, and students.  

EndNote Quick Start Notes

There are multiple different ways to import references into your EndNote account.

  • Some databases provide a direct export option specific to EndNote or RIS files which may open directly into EndNote
  • Most databases will have an option to save or export a file that you can then import into EndNote
  • Manually - manually type the reference details
  • EndNote Click is a plugin option that you can use to save citations and pdfs

The EndNote search will not work with UIC’s subscription databases. [Only freely available databases (e.g.PubMed), are accessible through EndNote.]

You can, however, search UIC's catalog by downloading and installing this connection file:

If you need further assistance with importing citations into EndNote, please contact Ask a Librarian. The UIC Library can help with basic importing questions, but we are not able to assist with other technical issues you may have with EndNote. 

For technical issues, please contact EndNote's Technical Support

Take a look at EndNote's Getting Started Guides for PC and Macs.


How to Get Full Text Articles Through EndNote

EndNote's finding full text feature is not 100% accurate.  Publishers like Elsevier and Wiley have security restrictions in place that prevent programs like EndNote from retrieving PDFs through the finding full text feature. You may need to look for PDFs through the library website and attach the PDFs to the citation record in EndNote. Articles that are not available as PDFs on the library website may be requested for free through an Illiad or Interlibrary Loan account.

It is possible to configure EndNote X3 and later to link to full-text available through UIC.   

  1. Go to Edit and select Preferences.  Click on the Find Full-text link.
  2. Check off the boxes for DOI, etc. for full text options.  Check off the box for Automatically Invoke Find Full Text on newly-imported references to automatically bring in PDFs if available. 
  3. After the Open URL box is checked off, put in the Open URL Path the following URL:
  4. Click on the Authenticate with URL box and enter     
  5. Click on the Apply button in the lower right corner then hit the OK button.

Note: The first time you look for full text articles within EndNote, you may be asked to authenticate with your UIC NETID and password.  After you put in your NETID and password, click the Done button on the lower right corner.

Please note that EndNote's finding full text feature may sometimes pick up preprints rather than the finalized version of the published paper.  If so, you may need to locate and upload the final version of the PDF.

EndNote Preferences for Finding Full Text


To get to a full text article when the PDF is not attached: 

  1. Click to highlight the imported reference you want to check for full-text access. 
  2. Next click on References at the top of EndNote, and click on Open URL Link.  This will bring up a webpage linking to the full-text, if available.

Screenshot of how to get to URL for full text article