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Scholarly & creative works

Journal articles (Refereed / Law-review journal)

Peer reviewed or law-reviewed articles published in a journal.

Other Articles (including bulletins, newsletters)

Non-peer reviewed articles published in bulletins, newsletters, and journals


Officially published abstracts of a conference presentation (published post-conference).

Conference Proceedings

Officially published proceedings of a conference presentation (published post-conference).

Books & Monographs

Published books and monographs including being the editor of the book.

Edited Volumes & Translations

Book translations and editing of volumes (such as conference proceedings) of which the faculty member was the editor.  

Book Chapters

Contributions published in a book or collection


White papers, technical reports, or other published reports.

Book Review

Published reviews of a book written by another author

Film Review

Published reviews of a film

Creative Works (e.g. compositions, poetry, fiction, play)

Compositions, poetry, fiction, plays, etc.

Scholarly editions

Critical representation of historic documents

Encyclopedia Entries

Entries written for encyclopedias

Policy/ Research/ Amicus Briefs

Wrote a policy/ research/ or amicus brief.

Internet publications (e.g. blogs)

Works published online that do not fit into an existing category such as journal article, video/audio/media, interview, etc


Published datasets

Media (video, audio, images)

Videos, podcasts, interactive digital works and other media creations

Software / Code

Published programs, applications, code

Theses / Dissertations

Authored, not supervised, theses or dissertations


Published figures


Published patents

Professional Meeting/ Conference Presentations

Presentations given at conferences and professional meetings. 


Posters presented at scholarly/professional meeting/conference

Invited Colloquia & Symposia

Events where faculty member was invited to give the keynote, plenary, or featured talk at a colloquia, symposia, or conference.

Invited Workshops/ Lectures

Invited  to teach a workshop or give a lecture during a conference or symposium or professional event.  (Consider Continue Education/ Workshop under Teaching and Supervision if workshop or lecture was not invited; consider guest lectures/ seminars if lecture part of a UIC event or guest lecture in a UIC course)

Panelists / Moderators/Discussants

Panelist, moderator, or discussant at a conference or scholarly event

Curated Exhibits

Curated an exhibit of own work for display

Commissions and Professional Practice

Commissioned to create a scholarly work (e.g. architectural design, artwork)


Designed a visual object, illustration, graphic design.  (e.g. designed the cover for a journal)

Gallery Exhibitions

Designed an exhibit for a Gallery


Performed a creative work in a recognized venue


Production was put on by the faculty member


A screen was held for a faculty members work.

Readings (oral)

Faculty member gave an oral reading of a creative work.

Works Performed by Others

A faculty member’s creative work was performed by someone else.

Works Translated by Others

Your work was translated by someone into another language.


Faculty member was involved in a competition for creative works.


Articles accepted for publication but not yet published and/or reviewed. Preprints imported through connected databases will be linked to later-published journal articles also automatically imported.


Publications that do not fit into another category


Research Grants

Research funded grant information is often populated from a feed from the OVCR.  Unfunded and pending may be entered if grant submission not managed from the OVCR.

Sponsored Instruction Grants

Sponsored instruction funded grant information is often populated from a feed from the OVCR.  Unfunded and pending may be entered if grant submission not managed from the OVCR.

Other Sponsored Activity Grants

Other sponsored funded grant information is often populated from a feed from the OVCR.  Unfunded and pending may be entered if grant submission not managed from the OVCR.

Clinical Trial Grants

Clinical Trial funded grant information is often populated from a feed from the OVCR.  Unfunded and pending may be entered if grant submission not managed from the OVCR.

Internal Grants

Grants funded internally at UIC and are not submitted through the OVCR.  Must be manually entered.


Fellowships may be populated from a feed from the OVCR.

Unfunded Grants

Grants submitted through the OVCR and not funded in any of the categories (Research, sponsored instruction, other sponsored activity, and clinical trial) will enter my activities through a grant feed.   They will be locked and private. 

Pending Grants

Grants submitted through the OVCR and in pending status in any of the categories (Research, sponsored instruction, other sponsored activity, and clinical trial) will enter my activities through a grant feed.   They will be locked and private.   Once a determination is made by the funding agency, they will appear as Unfunded or in one of the funded categories.

Professional activities

Administrative Appointments

Service as an administrator with a formal administrative assignment (Heads, Deans, Directors, Chairs, Clinical administrators, Co-administrators and Coordinators)

Book Prospectus Reviewers

Reviewer of Book proposals

Clinical Practices (CADA)

Hold clinics for student practice.

Clinical Practices / Hospital Privileges

Clinical services in various settings, such as health center, veterinary clinic, pharmaceutical consultation, psychology clinic.

Community services

Voluntary work in the community

Community Engagement

Per the Carnegie Foundation, community engagement describes the collaboration between institutions of higher education and their larger communities (local, regional/state, national, global) for the mutually beneficial creation and exchange of knowledge and resources in a context of partnership and reciprocity. The purpose of community engagement is the partnership (of knowledge and resources) between colleges and universities and the public and private sectors to enrich scholarship, research, and creative activity; enhance curriculum, teaching, and learning; prepare educated, engaged citizens; strengthen democratic values and civic responsibility; address critical societal issues; and contribute to the public good.

Conference / Event attendance

Participation in an event, without an administrative role

Conference/ Event Organizer

Administration of an event as organizer, coordinator, chair, committee member

Conference Reviewers / Referees

Service as a reviewer or referee for a conference or conference prospectus

Continuing Education/ Professional Development

Participation in a continuing education program or course for the purpose of one’s own professional development.   May or may not include CE credit.

Establishment of Labs/ Research Centers

Established a Lab, Research Center, or Institute

Editorial Boards/ Editorships

Editorship for a journal, book series, popular press over an extended period

Board/ External Offices

Membership on a board (advisory, executive, etc)

Expert Consulting

Advisory or consulting services to outside group/agency/government/company

Pro Bono

Provide legal expertise without charge

Expert witness

Expert testimony at trial, agency review, etc

Grant application reviews

Service on a review panel, study section, advisory group to evaluate grant proposals

Honors & Awards

Awards, distinctions received, including Fellowships

Institutional / Program reviews

Assessment, review, accreditation of a department, program, or an entire institution

Licensing and Certifications

Licensing or certification related to professional credentials

Manuscript Review (Journals / Books)

Manuscript review for a professional journal; ad hoc manuscript review for journals or books

Media Appearances/ Contributions/ Mentions

Interviewed on a news program for your research/ scholarship/ service; interviewed for a newspaper or magazine; research/ scholarship/ service highlighted in the media

Mentoring (faculty/ administrator)

Mentorship of professional (non-student)

Named Professorships

Recipient of a name professorship

Nursing Practices

Clinical nursing services in various settings with direct patient care.

Peer Evaluator of Courses

Service as a reviewer or referee for a curriculum or teaching activity

Professional Memberships

Memberships in professional organizations

Promotion Material Preparer (internal)

Prepared promotion materials for UIC faculty candidate

Promotion / Tenure review – external

Review and assessment of faculty for promotion/tenure

Service to College / Department

Committee participation (department to college) or Individual role

Search Committees Service (dept/ school/ college)

Service on a search committee (department or college).   [Search committee service at the University level should go under Service to the University]

Service to University

Committee participation or individual role at the University level

Service to Profession

Committee participation or individual role at the Professional level

Service Related to Patient Care

Committee participation or individual role at the Patient Care level

Service Related to Students

Committee participation or individual role in service to students (not research supervision or instruction related)

Students or Mentees Honors or Awards

Students that you have advised receive an honor or award.

Student Recruitment

Assisted in the recruitment of students

Teaching & supervision

Courses taught

Course taught by faculty member in which they were an instructor of record.

Curriculum Integrated / Workshops

Taught workshop or curriculum integrated workshop to UIC students, faculty, or staff (library only)

Guest Lectures / Seminars

Gave a seminar or guest lecture on research, scholarship, or outreach at a college event or in a UIC course (not part of a professional gathering)

Workshops / Continuing Education

Taught a workshop or course as part of a professional development program (CE may or may not have been earned by attendees).  If invited, see Invited workshop/ lecture under Scholarly and Creative Works.

Course Coordination

Faculty member was the course coordinator.

Instructional Websites/ Tutorials Development

Developed websites or tutorials to support instruction.

Course Development/ Revision: Software, Teaching Materials, Instructional Techniques

Developed or substantially revised course curriculum, software, teaching materials, or instructional techniques.

Programs development

Developed a program.

Academic Advising (general)

Advised students on their academic program.

Graduate Students Advising and Supervision

Thesis or dissertation chair, advisor, or committee member of graduate students.

Residents or Post-Doctoral Fellows Supervision

Advising or supervision of resident or Post-doctoral fellow.

Undergraduate Students Advising and Supervision

Advisor, supervisor, chair, mentor of undergraduate student working on a project, independent study, or capstone.

Direction of Research Associates, Visiting Scholars, and Technicians

Advising or supervision of Research Associates, Visiting Scholars, and Technicians

Other -  Supervised or Mentored Trainees

Supervised or mentored a trainee that does not fit into the other categories.

Graduate examinations (grad exam committee)

Graduate examinations role

Field Liaison Activities

Field liaison to students

Precepting/ Attending

Preceptor or attending physician for a UIC clinical program

Grand Rounds

Presented at grand rounds or noon conference

Student Mentoring

Mentored students not specific to a capstone or project.