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General Overview Tutorial (Video - 30 mins)

Intro to MyActivities: This video tutorial provides a general overview of MyActivities.   The content includes how to set up your profile to automatically bring in your publications when possible, how to manually add activities, how to make your profile public, and how to make private items that you do not want seen on your public profile. Intro to MyActivities - Tutorial

Publications and Other Scholarly Works

Publication & Scholarly Works options include conference presentations, posters, invited colloquiums & symposiums, invited workshops / lectures, panelist, datasets, exhibits, book reviews, patents, reports, screenings, abstracts, proceedings, and more. Depending on your college, not all options will be available.

  • Improve Automatic Publication Retrieval and Claiming
    • In many cases, journal articles will be indexed in databases such as Scopus or Dimensions, and automatically appear in your profile.  Your name settings, affiliations, and database author IDs (author identifiers) can improve retrieval.
    • Improve Search Settings for Your Publications:  Guide | Tutorial
    • Claiming or Rejecting Author Identifiers:  Guide | Tutorial
    • Finding and manually adding Author Identifiers: Guide
  • Manually adding Publications and Other Scholarly Activities:  Guide | Tutorial  
    • Scholarly activities that do not automatically appear need to be manually added.  Entry of Books, Book Chapters, journal Articles, Conference Presentations, Keynotes, and more.
  • Connect or Claim Your ORCID:  Guide 
  • Claiming Publications:  Guide | Tutorial
  • Rejecting Publications:  Guide | Tutorial
  • Too Many Publications or Not Enough?:  Guide 
  • Editing publication data including dates:  Guide | Tutorial
  • Editing publication dates:  Guide | Tutorial
  • Importing publications in bulk from other databases:  Guide 
  • Merging  publication records:  Guide | Tutorial
  • Splitting publication records:  Guide | Tutorial
  • Changing the Activity Type:  Guide | Tutorial
  • Manually adding Publications and Other Scholarly Works:  Guide | Tutorial 
  • Adding In Progress, Submitted, or Accepted Publications:  Guide


Funded Grants

Professional Activities

  • Adding Professional Activities:  Guide | Tutorial
  • Editing Professional Activities including dates:  Guide | Tutorial
  • Deleting/ removing Professional Activities:  Guide

Teaching & supervision

  • Adding Teaching Activities and Student Supervision/ Advising:  Guide | Tutorial
  • Editing Teaching and Student Supervision Activities including dates:  Guide | Tutorial
  • Deleting/ removing Teaching Activities and Student Supervision: Guide

Correcting errors

  • I have duplicate publications appearing - Merging and splitting publication records:  Guide  | Tutorial - merging | Tutorial - splitting
  • Two records have been merged that should be separate -  Merging and splitting publication records:  Guide | Tutorial - splitting
  • Wrong activity label is assigned - Changing Activity Type: Guide | Tutorial
    • (i.e. a poster is appearing as a conference presentation, a conference proceeding is under journal article, Service to the University is under Service to the College)
  • Correcting dates 

Correcting Dates

To fix dates:
•    click, “edit record”  or "add manual record" and make edits to the date or other fields that were incorrect.   
•    Click Save

PLEASE – DO NOT EDIT the Reporting Date to correct an incorrect date.   The reporting date tells the system to include an activity in a report because its date fits within the date range for a report.    It is not the date of the activity.  

By following the steps above to edit a record, and editing the activity date, the reporting date will typically be updated as well.    If the reporting date is not automatically updated when editing the date, click on “override” and select Manual.  Enter the correct date(s).

Enhance your UICollaboratory Profile

  • Make your profile LIVE!   Guide | Tutorial
  • Enhance your Profile   Guide | Tutorial
  • Hide or Highlight activities   Guide | Tutorial
  • Change name displayed (i.e. use preferred name)   Guide | Tutorial
  • Entering your UIC Appointments - Format to follow   Guide | Tutorial
  • Indicate Availability (i.e. available for mentoring, advising, media inquires)   Guide | Tutorial