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Newspapers: Top U.S. Newspapers

Guide to finding electronic, print and microfilm newspapers at UIC and beyond.

Which databases include the top circulating U.S. newspapers?

Newspaper Access World News/Newsbank Nexis Uni Newspaper Source ProQuest Historical U.S. Newsstream
Boston Globe     2000-2007 1872-1990 1980-present
Chicago Defender 2008-present     1909-2010 1999-present
Chicago Sun-Times 1986-present        
Chicago Tribune       1849-2013 1985-present
Daily News (New York) 1995-present 1995-present     1995-present
Dallas Morning News 1984-2016   2019-present   1995-2000
Denver Post 1989-present   2001-present   1988-2016
Fort Worth Star-Telegram 1990-present       1995-2002
Honolulu Star-Advertiser 2010-present       2010-present
Houston Chronicle 1985-present       1993-2012
Las Vegas Review-Journal 1996-present       1990-2012
Los Angeles Times 2006-2009 Most recent 6 months     1996-present
New York Post 1999-present 1997-present     1998-2018
New York Times   1980-present   1857-2016 1980-present
Philadelphia Inquirer 1981-present 1994-present 2000-present   1983-present
San Francisco Chronicle 1985-present       1989-2012
Seattle Times 1985-present        
Star Tribune (Minneapolis) 1999-present 1991-present     1986-present
Tampa Bay Times 2012-present 1987-present     1986-present
USA Today 1987-present 1989-present     1997-present
Wall Street Journal         1984-present
Washington Post     2003-present 1877-2006 1987-present