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Digital UIC

Digital UIC provides students, faculty, and staff of UIC the opportunity to register a domain and create a digital scholarly presence. Users can easily install open source applications like Scalar or Omeka.

About Digital UIC

Digital UIC is a service of the University of Illinois at Chicago Library. Digital UIC exists to support research, teaching, and learning at UIC by providing users with access to flexible web space and customizable platforms. It allows users to easily install several popular open sources applications such as WordPress, Scalar, Omeka, Grav, and more.

Digital UIC supports the following sites:

  • Digital scholarship and digital humanities projects
  • Digital exhibits
  • Course-related projects
  • Group and individual student projects
  • Student sites (e.g. creative portfolio websites, blogs, etc.)

The follow restrictions apply:

  • No official UIC unit websites, informational/marketing content, official courses sites for public viewing, faculty research/lab/institute sites, or UIC branded conferences and events. These types of sites are official UIC communications and should be hosted in RED. Visit for more information.
  • No e-commerce
  • No publishing of student or sensitive data (i.e. grades, IRB research, etc.)

Please note that all publicly-facing websites that are used for teaching must adhere to UIC’s Accessibility Guidelines.

How is Digital UIC Different from other UIC Web Hosting options?

  • Flexibility: Users of Digital UIC have the ability to easily install several open source applications commonly used for Digital Scholarship and Digital Humanities Projects.
  • Portability: One of the big advantages to Digital UIC is that users have control and ownership over their websites. When users graduate or move to another institution, there are options for migrating content to Reclaim Hosting or other web hosting services.
  • Support: While Digital UIC cannot offer full service technical support, we can offer one-on-one consultations and in-class instruction on using particular applications. Email to set up a consultation or request in-class instruction.

Available Applications



Digitizing Sleep Culture by Hannah Huber

Application used: Scalar

Project type: Digital Humanities project



History Moves by Jennie Brier

Application used: WordPress

Project type: Public History project