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A Guide to the University Archives

The University of Illinois Chicago Special Collections & University Archives

Permanent Records

Permanent records must be held by each unit for a specified number of years and then transferred to the UIC Archives.  The Illinois State Records Commission approves the records schedules that list the specific time periods these records must be held.  Listed below are the portions of each records schedule designated to be transferred to the University Archives for permanent retention.  To see the entire schedules, including those records scheduled for destruction, visit the Records and Information Management Service's (RIMS) Records Retention page.

The records schedules are functional schedules, which means any unit in the University System should apply the schedules to the records generated by the unit.  The records series, listed within each records schedule below, provide examples of the types of documents included in each series.  Be aware that these lists are not necessarily of document titles.  If you hold a document with a different title that serves the same purpose as an example document, then your document falls within that records series.  A printable PDF also lists the specific fiscal year of each records series that is eligible for transfer to the UIC Archives during the current fiscal year.

These guidelines apply to all records regardless of type: paper or digital.