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A Guide to the University Archives

The University of Illinois Chicago Special Collections & University Archives

Items We Accept

Items likely to be of archival interest include:

  • Biographical information:
    CVs/résumés (first and last); biographical sketches; newspaper, magazine, and printed online articles;
  • University official correspondence and files:
    outgoing and incoming letters; memoranda, and email relating to personal, departmental, or University business; committee minutes, reports, and files;
  • Professional correspondence:
    outgoing and incoming correspondence with colleagues, publishers, professional organizations, and former students;
  • Teaching material:
    lecture notes, syllabi for each class per semester/quarter, course outlines, reading lists, and exams;
  • Speeches and presentations:
    text, film, audio recording, and/or video recording of oration directly by the subject of these papers;
  • Publications:
    publications that are not and will not become available online, one copy of all articles, books, reviews, or works of art (depending upon the storage considerations and size of the art).  Publications available online are not accepted;
  • Audio-visuals:
    photographs, films, and sound and video recordings;
  • Personal and family:
    correspondence, diaries, photographs, business records of a personal business, records of involvement in a significant element of the donor's life such as an organization or a hobby; and
  • Other materials:
    there may be other materials not listed above that are acceptable for donation.  First, check the list of items we do not accept.  If the materials are not listed there, contact the University Archivist with specifics about these materials.

Note: All information formats (e.g., hardcopy, electronic, and audio-visual) are appropriate for transfer.  For items in formats requiring any form of machine intervention, such as videotapes, kinescopes, and computer files, consideration should be given to transferring the equipment needed to access the items donated or, preferably, accompanied by a copy in a format that makes these materials accessible to researchers.  Early consultation with the University Archivist is strongly encouraged for all such materials.

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