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Radiology Resource Guide: Other Rad Stuff!

Timeline of Medical Advancement in Radiology

Timeline of Medical Advancement in Radiology

1895 Wilhelm Roentgen Discovers X-rays - 1896 Emil Grubbe treated breast cancer with X-rays  - 1898 Marie Curie discovers Radium1900 Jen Stenbeck treated skin cancer with Radiotherapy  - 1903 Leopold Freund cured hairy mole with Radiotherapy - 1903 Cancers first treated with radium in St. Petersberg  - 1910 Interstitial Brachytherapy first performed by Robert Abbe 1913 William Coolide invented hot-cathode X-ray tube - 1920's Orthovoltage X-rays developed 1920's Teleradium therapy developed - 1934 Henri Coutard advanced fractionated treatments or "time-dose factors" 1940's Betatrons were invented  - 1943 First electron linear accelerator designed for radiotherapy by D.W. Fry 1950's Artificial radionuclides made - 1960's New artificial radionuclides were used for brachytherapy 1966 First patient treated with hyperbaric oxygen - 1968 Stereotactic radiosurgery developed 1970 Magnetic resonance spectroscopy developed - Early 1970's Computed tomography (CT) developed 1975 Positron-emission tomography (PET) developed - Late 1970's Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) developed 1980's First clinical trials of chemoradiation performed; Proton therapy developed;multileaf collimators developed;Intensity-modulated radiotherapy developed1992 M. Kligerman conducted first trial of a radioprotector -1995 ATM gene cloned 1995 Functional imaging, dose painting and dose sculpting developed 
Early 21st century: CT-PET developed

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Biography of Marie Curie