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Help with UIC Library Search

What is this searching?

The UIC Library Search is a single platform that looks for resources from a number of different sources.  While it does not include every resource available to UIC patrons, it does include the majority of materials.  Here is a list of all the places this search can look for different items

Items Included in UIC Library Search
  • UIC Library Catalog: Physical items available in the UIC libraries (books, DVDs, maps, journal volumes, etc.) and electronic items owned by UIC.
  • Article Databases: Articles available in electronic format to the UIC community. Some databases require you to login to the catalog.
  • Journal Titles: All journals that UIC subscribes to, either online or on paper.
  • Materials from I-Share Libraries: Physical items available from other libraries in Illinois.
Items Not Included in UIC Library Search
  • External Databases (Google Scholar, PubMed): Article indexing databases not specific to UIC are not searched here, though much of the content is available through the UIC Library Search if you are logged in.
  • Non-Article Databases (SimplyAnalytics, GlobalData, DSM-V): The libraries subscribe to specialized tools that do not have content that shows up in UIC library search.  For these, see the Databases list, linked here and at the top of the page.
  • Some Newspaper Articles: Some newspapers are not searchable in the UIC Library Search.  Many of these are available in specific Newspaper Databases.