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A Guide to the UIC Archives

The University of Illinois at Chicago Archives

Research UIC History

Unfortunately, our database may be difficulty to search.  Use simple search terms for the best results.  Note that search terms must appear in the same order as they are listed on a short record in the University Archives Holdings Database.  The search function does not include the actual contents of the finding aids.

                         or browse the finding aids

Use our Ask an Archivist service for historical questions about the University.

Alternatively, try one of the following approaches to locating information in the University Archives:

  • What time period are you researching?
    ​    see  Time Periods
  • Where can I find basic information about UIC?
    ​    see  Reference Files
  • Is a specific faculty member, alumnus, or athlete involved?
    ​    ​see  Biographies and Papers
  • Does your topic involve a specific college or one of their units?
    ​    ​see  Colleges
  • Does your question involve campus physical infrastructure?
    ​    ​see  Physical Infrastructure
  • Would the faculty governance structure play a role in your subject?
    ​    ​see  Faculty Senate
  • Was a member of the University administration involved?
    ​    ​see  Administration
  • Was the U of I System administration involved?
        see  System Administration
  • Was the University of Illinois Board of Trustees involved?
    ​    ​see  Board of Trustees
  • Was money involved?
        ​see  Financial
  • Would reports to external membership organizations be helpful?
        ​see  Accreditation Reports
  • What digital resources of historical UIC information are available?
        ​see  Online Resources
  • Are there any books that focus on UIC?
        ​see  Books
  • Are there University newspapers that may include useful information?
        ​see  Newspapers
  • Are chronological lists of events available?
        ​see  Timelines