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A Guide to the University Archives

The University of Illinois Chicago Special Collections & University Archives

Human Subjects Research Records

The permanent records from the human subjects research records schedule include:

  • Institutional Review Board (IRB) Full Board Review Minutes
    Documentation of discussion during meetings of the IRB Full Board.
          – hold 5 years past the year in which the review took place in office then transfer to the University Archives
  • Federal Rosters Log Files
    Listing of current and past IRB Review Board Members.
          – hold 5 fiscal years in office then transfer to the University Archives
  • Memoranda of Understanding Files
    Specific agreements between universities and outside entities including medical clinics.
          – hold 10 years past the date of expiration of each agreement then transfer to the University Archives
  • Report of Expedited Reviews
    Descriptions of protocols reviewed and approved through IRB expedited review process.
          – hold 10 years after completion then transfer to the University Archives