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A Guide to the UIC Archives

The University of Illinois at Chicago Archives                    Leveraging our past to inform the future™

Application for Selection

Apply to include faculty, staff, or alumni papers in the UIC Archives

The application for selection is used to both evaluate the potential of the donation and collect the donor’s information for use on the deed of gift.  Keep in mind that if these are your papers, you are both the donor and the subject.  If the donation is for a deceased family member, you are the donor and your family member is the subject.

Please consider the following before visiting the online application form:

  • subject’s impact on the University, including any leadership positions held (brief description)
  • subject’s national or international reputation (brief description)
  • approximate size of the donation (in linear feet)
  • types of documents included
  • locate/create digital copy of CV/résumé

Next Step: Personal Inventory