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NIH Data Management and Sharing : Resources for Writing Your DMP

A guide with resources for the UIC community related to preparing and implementing the January 2023 NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy

Resources for Writing Your Data Management Plan (DMP)

These resources are primarily drawn from the NIH guidance that has been provided to date. We encourage you to contact us using the Get Help tab for personalized assistance for your data management plan or to answer any questions you may have!

Tips for Data Sharing



Budgeting for DMPs

The new Data Management Sharing Policy allows researchers to budget for data management and sharing activities. Reasonable costs for NIH budget requests could include:

  • Curating data
  • Developing supporting documentation
  • Formatting data according to accepted community standards, or for transmission to and storage at a selected repository for long-term preservation and access
  • De-identifying data
  • Preparing metadata to foster discoverability, interpretation, and reuse
  • Local data management considerations, such as unique and specialized information infrastructure necessary to provide local management and preservation
  • Preserving and sharing data through established repositories, such as data deposit fees

Costs must be incurred during the performance period.

Currently, the NIH is still discussing raising the budget cap for grants. However, as of now budget caps are not being raised.  

Data Curation Resources


DMPTool General Guidance

DMPTool's general guidance introduces researchers to what a DMP is, the expected elements within it, and tricks for formatting data in the cleanest way. 

Working Group on NIH DMSP Guidance

Open Science Framework is an open source software project that facilitates open collaboration in science projects. Explore the DMSP Project Wiki here to find background information, researcher checklists, and example DMSPs. 

Project Wiki Home Page

UIC Data Use Agreement

Certain data sets may need to have controlled access for legal or ethical reasons or to protect Tribal sovereignty. UIC's Office of the Vice Chancellor has many templates and forms researchers may need, including a downloadable Intake Form: Data Use Agreement.

Data Use Agreement document


Working With Human Subjects

5 Steps for Removing Human Subject Identifiers

Johns Hopkins Libraries have put together a resource for describing what identifiable data looks like and best practices for making human subject data safe to share.

NIH Informed Consent Resources

The NIH has created a resource for researchers working with biospecimens that describes consent needed for the storage and sharing of data collected during primary research that will be used for secondary research.