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Daley Family Collections: William M. "Bill" Daley Papers

A guide to the Daley Family collections at UIC Special Collections and University Archives

William M. Daley Papers finding aid

William M. Daley papers collection description

Series 1: Department of Commerce, 1997-2000

This series contains material by or about William M. Daley while he served as the United States Secretary of Commerce from 1997 to 2000. The series contains speeches, news clippings, briefing and background documents. The series include final drafts or “as given” copies of speeches by William Daley organized by date. An index is present in box one. Draft copies of speeches, often with annotations and revisions, are located in separate folders and are labeled as "original". Speeches given by William Clinton that mentioned William Daley or the Department of Commerce are also found in this series. News clippings include photocopies of newspaper articles, printouts from news databases, or transcripts from commercial broadcasts that focus on either William Daley or the Department of Commerce. Most of these clippings were photocopied onto acid free paper and organized into chronological order. Briefing and background documents appear to be material gathered by William Daley's staff to prepare him for important meetings or visits. The material was organized into binders and is grouped according to the binder it arrived with. It may give researchers a greater insight into William Daley's agenda for each of the events, but it is probably a small sample of the material that is kept at the National Archives and Records Administration.

Series 2: Other public and professional service series, 1948-2000

This series includes invitations and announcements to White House and non-White House events, the 2000 presidential campaign material, material about the Daley Family and other material related to Mr. Daley’s professional activities. The material related to the 2000 presidential campaign includes debate preparation, and research material for the Albert Gore presidential campaign, and articles concerning William’s Daley role in the campaign. The series also includes press releases and newspaper clippings about the Richard J. Daley, Richard M. Daley, and William M. Daley.

Series 3: Photographs, 1949-2000

This series contains photographs that were found both in photo albums and loose throughout the collection. The majority of photographs are from Mr. Daley’s time as Secretary of Commerce. These photographs document various national and international meetings and events as part of his role as Secretary of Department of Commerce. Additionally, there are photographs from the Daley Household as well as several folders of photographs of Richard J. Daley, including some of him with presidents, and other prominent leaders.

Series 4: Tapes, 1956-2000

This series contains copies of commercial media appearances and/or commercials by or about William Daley or the Department of Commerce recorded between 1996 and 2000. Other tapes include speeches given by William M. Daley, including his 1999 commencement address to the University of Illinois at Chicago, a 1993 tape on US-European Trade, the 1956 Democratic National Convention Keynote Address by Frank Clement and two tapes preparing Gore for the 2000 Presidential Debates. Most tapes have a label indicating the title of the recording and the date recorded. Some tapes have only minimal information or no information on their contents. The series also includes signed books given to Mr. William M. Daley by various world leaders, politicians, book authors, and other public figures.

Gifts, 1996-2000

This series includes various gifts from high ranking foreign public officials that have been presented to Honorary Secretary of Commerce Mr. William M. Daley. The gifts include valuable items, personalized artwork, various artifacts made out of diverse materials (porcelain, crystal, wood, ceramic), paintings, sculptures, plaques, maps, framed photographs and certificates, memorabilia, vases, golf balls, clothes and other items. The series also includes signed books given to Mr. William M. Daley by various world leaders, politicians, book authors, and other public figures.

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