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World Literature

Useful resources for researching non-English literature, language, and culture, with an emphasis on Europe and Latin America.

Digitized Collections of Primary Sources


What Are Primary Sources?

Primary sources are the raw material for research in literary and historical studies. They are documents created during the time period you are studying, such as diaries, newspaper articles, or photographs, which may or may not have been collected or digitized. When examining primary sources, consider:

  1. Who created it, and for what purpose?
  2. When was it created, and what shaped the circumstances of its creation?
  3. What does it reveal about the beliefs, values, and assumptions of people at the time?

Primary Sources in the library

Find primary sources in the library catalog by using the following terms in your searches:​

  • Archives*
  • Autobiographies
  • Correspondence*
  • Diaries*
  • Documents*
  • Interviews*
  • Letters
  • Memoirs
  • Oral histories 
  • Pamphlets*
  • Personal narratives*
  • Photographs
  • Pictorial works*
  • Sources*

*These terms are also Library of Congress Subject Headings and can be used in subject searches.