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MY NCBI, NIH Biosketch, & SciENcv: SciENcv & NIH Biosketch

What is SciENcv?

SciENcvSciENcv (Science Experts Network Curriculum Vitae) is a new tool that is part of My NCBI.  It help researchers create profiles in the new NIH biographical sketch format and it is a researcher profile system for all individuals who apply for, receive or are associated with research investments from federal agencies. SciENcv is available in My NCBI.    Education, employment, research activities, publications, honors, research grants, and other professional contributions can be included in “profiles.”   

Features include:

  • Pulls in your profile information from your eRA Commons account
  • Uploads your publications from My NCBI’s My Bibliography or your ORCID account (learn more about creating an ORCID account)
  • Allows you to create multiple versions of your profile by using previously entered information.  You may also opt to allow for public viewing of select “profiles.”
  • This new format must be used for all NIH grant and cooperative agreement applications submitted for due dates on or after May 25, 2015

Creating a BioSketch using SciENcv

Before you create a BioSketch using SciENcv, you probably want to have your publications listed in My NCBI's My Bibliography or you can also obtain a list of your publications  from  your ORCID account if you have one.

Once you have publication information in either My Bibliography, ORCID, or both, you are ready to create a BioSketch.

  • Go to SciENsc once you are logged into My NCBI.  
  • Click, Create New Biosketch
    • Existing BioSketch
      • If you have an existing BioSketch with information such as your education and training, positions and employment, Professional memberships or Honors, you can import this information by selecting the "From an existing biosketch".
        • Enter the name of this BioSketch.   HINT: Name your Biosketch something meaningful such NCBI Biosketch 2015
        • Select the Format (NIH or NSF)
        • Select the existing BioSketch to be copied
        • Indicate if you want the BioSketch to be Public or Private (you can change it later)
      • Click Create
    • From an External Source
      • If you don't have an existing BioSketch, select the "From an external source" tab.   
      • Enter the name of this BioSketch.   HINT: Name your Biosketch something meaningful such NCBI Biosketch 2015
      • Select the Format (NIH or NSF)
      • Select the External Source (eRA Commons or ORCID)
      • Indicate if you want the BioSketch to be Public or Private (you can change it later)
    • Once you have created the new BioSketch, click on "edit" to continue to add or edit information.  
    • NOTE: Whether you select "From an external source" or "From an existing biosketch", you will only be able to select up to four publications from your eRA Commons or ORCID account in section A, Personal Statement.  
    • In Section C, Contribution to Science, you may add up to 5 Contributions to Science and select up to four citations for each contribution.
      • According to NIH guidelines, each description should include:
        • the historical background that frames the scientific problem;
        • the central findings;
        • the influence of the findings on the progress of science or the application of those findings to health or technology;
        • and your specific role.


To share your completed profile:

  • From the SciENcv box in My NCBI, click on "Manage SciENcv"
  • Select a profile name, then select "Change" sharing.
  • A URL will be generated that can be sent to those with whom you wish to share your profile.
  • The completed profile can be downloaded in PDF, MS Word or XML format.  A profile downloaded in MS Word format can be further edited.

SciENcv Video

Linking your ORCID ID and My NCBI account

  • Login to your NCBI account.
  • Click on your user name to access NCBI Account Settings.
  • Under Linked Accounts, click Change.
  • Under All Available Partner Accounts, search for ORCiD or select ORCiD from the list of Login Account Options.
  • Sign on to your ORCiD account.