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Public Policy Research

A guide to researching the different aspects of researching public policies at the local and national levels.

Guide to Public Policy Research

Open Government Diagram from Armel Le Coz and Cyril Lage.  Outlines elements of Open government grouped into transparency, participation and collaboration

This Guide is a link to resources for research into public policy debates.  The subpages listed to the side are intended to link to different resources necessary for understanding different aspects of public policy.

News Resources- This page has links to national and local news resources, useful for finding opinion pieces on policies as well as reporting on political developments.

Law Resources- This page has links to laws on the national, state and local levels as well as court decisions.

Policy Debate Resources- This page has information on legislative debates, information on think tanks, lobbyists and public opinion.

Article Resources- This page has links to resources about political and public policy history and links to databases with public policy research.

Policy Data Resources- This page has links to data that might be useful for policy briefs.

Starting Resources