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Patient Safety : Books and Multimedia

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Finding Books in the Library

To find books by title, author, or subject, search our Library Catalog.

Most books at the Library of the Health Sciences are shelved by the National Library of Medicine Classification system. Here is a select list of where you can find books relating to Patient Safety:

  • QV 38 and QZ 42:  Medication errors.
  • W 44:  Malpractice.
  • W 84:  Health Services. Patients and Patient Advocacy. Delivery of health care.
  • WA 250-288:  General Safety Management.
  • WA 525:  Health Administration and Organization.
  • WA 546:  Community health service.
  • WB 33:  Discussion of law.
  • WB 100 General medical errors.
  • WB 141:  Diagnostic errors.
  • WB 310:  Hospice care. Palliative care. Terminal care.
  • WO 181:  Surgery Principles of Care.
  • WO 500-517:  Surgical procedures medical errors.
  • WP 34:  Gynecology malpractice.
  • WQ 34:  Obstetrics malpractice.
  • WU 44:  Dentistry malpractice.
  • WX 153:  Hospitals and health facilities medical errors.
  • WX 162:  Hospital patient care planning.
  • WX 185:  Hospital safety management.
  • WX 215:  Emergency service.
  • WY 44:  Nursing malpractice.

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