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Digital Humanities: Tools & Tutorials

This guide is intended as a starting place for studies in the digital humanities, open access, and scholarly communication.

Tools: General

Content Management


Metadata is sometimes defined as "data about data." It can be used to describe characteristics of a document, such as title, author, or date,  in a format which can be read and processed by computers. Sometimes metadata can also provide information about the way a document is structured.

The resources in this box provide information about some of the different standards for creating metadata, and how to choose the best option(s) for your project:

Courses in Digital Humanities

Academic departments of all kinds are beginning to incorporate DH into their curricula. Check out these links to see summaries and syllabi, including assignments and readings, for DH-related courses being offered worldwide.

Tutorials: Web Design & Programming

This box contains tutorials on topics related to web design and computer programming:

Tools: Working With Text