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Religious Studies

Library resources and research strategies for religious studies

Browsing library shelves for books on religion

The best way to find book is to search the Library Catalog

However, you can also get a sense of the library's holdings and find unexpected items by browsing the shelves. Relevant call numbers for books on religion are listed below.

  • BL1-2790: Religions. Mythology. Rationalism. Included in this section: 
    • Religion (General), BL1-50
    • Hinduism, BL1100-1295
    • Semitic Religions, BL1600-1695
  • BM1-990: Judaism
  • BP1-610: Islam. Bahai Faith. Theosophy
  • BQ1-9800: Buddhism
  • BR1-1725: Christianity
  • BS1-2970: The Bible
  • BT10-1480: Doctrinal Theology
  • BV1-5099: Practical Theology
  • BX1-9999: Christian Denominations