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Public Health

A guide to information resources relevant to public health research. Includes scholarly sources available through the library, as well as links to public health information freely available on the web, including government documents and data sources.

What is grey literature?

"Grey literature" is a broad category that refers to information published outside of traditional commercial publishers.

Grey literature includes everything from research and government reports to dissertations, conference proceedings, and clinical trial registries. Unlike journals, books, and other traditional types of publications, grey literature is not systematically indexed or organized.

Public health practitioners rely heavily on grey (non-scholarly) literature to support their work, but it can be difficult to search. See helpful resources below, or ask a librarian for assistance with finding the information you need.

Reports, Working Papers, and More

U.S. Government Document Search Engine

Search the following resources or ask a librarian for help locating government documents.

When searching Google, add inurl:gov to your search to limit the results to government websites.