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Patient Safety Orientation - PSL401 (Phase 1): 1 - Home

What is Patient Safety?

Patient safety: freedom from accidental injury; ensuring patient safety involves the establishment of operational systems and processes that that minimize the likelihood of errors and maximize the likelihood of intercepting them when they occur.

Source: Kohn LT, Corrigan JM, Donaldson MS. To err is human: building a safer health system. Washington, DC: National Academy Press; 2000:211.

Beyond Orientation - Expanded Patient Safety Guide

Welcome - Guide Contents

Welcome to the Library's Patient Safety Orientation Guide Phase 1 for PSL 401


This guide introduces you to  a few knowledge resources and several services that may help you in your early research.

The following links you to an introductory page for Distance Learners, which describes services and navigation to basic resources.

Activities in this guide are included because the immediate application of new skills and knowledge is associated with improved retention of learning.

You are asked to build an ASSIGNMENT DOCUMENT by placing Screen Shots (or SNIPPING Tool Images) or typing answers to questions in a Word document.


TAB 1: HOME (Current)



The “2 Necessary Accounts for Research” page discusses 2 accounts that will aid your research -

1) ILLIAD is the interlibrary loan service that helps you receive scans of full-text articles when LHS does not own the full-text electronically. Register for the ILLIAD account and look at the video tutorial on the FIND IT @ UIC button.

2) RefWorks is an online citation management database that allows you to collect all your citations online and easily integrate them in the process of writing your research paper or creating a bibliography through the Cite-n-Write document processor. If you prefer another citation manager to RefWorks, please stay with your chosen and familiar program! As a UI student, you have access to the institutional subscription for RefWorks. Links to tutorials are provided to learn how to use the software.


TAB 3: ORIENTATION TO PSNet and Google Scholar

A set of exercises on this page familiarizes you with PSNet for Patient Safety Research and how you can use it to work with the Internet search engine,  Google Scholar. Place all exercises from your work from this section in the  ASSIGNMENT DOCUMENT  and number / title items please.