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Patient Safety Orientation - PSL401 (Phase 1): 2 - Orientation to 2 Research Accounts - ILLIAD & RefWorks (Assignment)

2 Accounts for Research

 Please register for these accounts as soon as possible.

1. ILLIAD - for interlibrary loans. This service brings you electronic copies of articles, which are not automatically available in the LHS full-text holdings. ILLIAD delivery is rapid and you may have an article in 1-2 days! Additionally, students in Distance Ed may request electronic copies of articles held in our print collections using the ILLIAD system.


a. Sign up for ILLIAD at:

To register, click on "First Time Users"

Fill out the New User Registration for ILLiad form. Be sure to use your UIC Netid as your username.  This enables us to verify that you are enrolled in a UIC program. Since Distance Ed enrollees are rarely issued I-Cards, the Library ID number is not applicable. Enter N/A in this field.

To help identify online and Distance Ed students to our staff, choose "Distance Ed" from the Status pull-down menu.

If you have filled out the first information screen and a second appears asking for account information, please ignore the second screen. Only the first screen needs to be filled out to register.

Once successfully registered, online and distance ed students may request material that can be electronically reproduced and delivered, such as copies of articles and individual book chapters. We will not be able to deliver physical items such as books or media material (DVDs, etc) to distance learners.



b. The "Find It @ UIC" Button - How It Works With ILLIAD


The "Find it @ UIC" button appears on search pages and citation records when you enter these resources via the library. It is important to enter even PubMed and Google Scholar via the library links. This path allows you to be recognized as a part of the UIC organization by  links-servers (proxy-servers) that are  responsible for delivering materials from our licensed holdings. When you use the Find It @ UIC button to access our electronic full-text holdings, a search of our catalog and holdings is automated. If we do not own the full-text of an article, you will have access to a special link that connects you to the ILLIAD system.

When you search the catalog and receive the message - "Article is not available in electronic format" - please scroll down the page to select a link called - "Library of the Health Sciences Chicago and Distance Ed" - select the link and login to the ILLIAD system.

The information required to process the interlibrary loan in ILLIAD  should populate the loan form automatically (if you access ILLIAD from the Distance Ed link). Interlibrary loan often takes as little as 1-2 days. A message is sent to your UIC email that your article has arrived. 

To fetch your article after delivery, login to ILLIAD at --  look on the left-sidebar look for the link labeled "Electronically Received Articles", and download your article.pdf.


c. Watch a brief video, in which Rebecca Raszewski demonstrates the use of the "Find it @ UIC" button and ILLIAD in the context of a CINAHL database search



2. RefWorks - the citation management database can be accessed online from anywhere. 

a. Sign-up at:

You can also bookmark the link above to rapidly access RefWorks when you need to do so. 


b. Familiarize yourself with the RefWork's tutorials page at LHS

These tutorials are well worth the time and provide an introduction to the many time-saving features associated with using RefWorks to manage your citations and write your papers using Cite-n-Write.


c. RefWorks is a suggested account because we have an institutional subscription that covers you as a student, but if you have a different citation manager that you like better, please follow your preferences. A citation manager should be able to import and export citations from various resources - usually databases like PubMed or catalogs - and offer some kind of plug-in to Word that enables you to insert citations into the text of a manuscript and polish a bibliographical listing. 



OPTIONAL 3. MYNCBI - PubMed's online bibliographic management system and more - use it to save collections, searches, bibliographies....

a. Sign-up at:


 b. Watch the tutorial on MYNCBI  for an Overview

The "Find It @ UIC" Button - How to Access Full-text


1. a. Read about the "Find It @ UIC" button.

The "Find it @ UIC" button only appears if you have entered the database (e.g., PubMed) via the LHS library gateway. This button links you to the electronic full-text of an article if it is available. When you begin your database search via the LHS webpages, look for this icon in your search results! If you are in PubMed and do not see this button, you probably did not enter PubMed through the LHS website.

If the article is not available electronically through the library's subscriptions, you will  be presented with this message - "Article is not available in electronic format." 

To request a scan of a full-text article via interlilbrary loan, scroll down the page to ILLIAD's link "Library of the Health Sciences Chicago and Distance Ed"

The information required to process the interlibrary loan should populate the form automatically if you access ILLIAD from the Distance Ed link. 

Interlibrary loan often takes as little as 1-2 days. A message is sent to your UIC email that your article has arrived. Login to ILLIAD at After logging into ILLIAD, look on the left-sidebar look for the link labelled "Electronically Received Articles."