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Omeka: Items

Items: A Step-by-Step Guide

1. From your dashboard, select "Item" from the left sidebar. Then select "Add an Item."


2. From this screen, you can fill out the metadata for your item. For guidance on Dublin Core metadata, visit Omeka's guide to Working with Dublin Core.



3. Click on the "Item Type Metadata" to include the form of the item. This will be useful for organizing your items later.


4. Do not forget to attach the file for your item on the "Files" tab.



5. Use the "Tags" tab to include searchable tags for your item. Separate tags with commas and then click "Save Tags". From here, you can select the green "Add Item" button on the right. Once you have created collections, you can also add items to those collections from this page by using the drop-down menu under the Add Items button.