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Community Medicine Residents: Consumer Health Databases & Resources

Health Information on the Web

Resources for finding and evaluating health information on the Web:

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Consumer Health Databases

Consumer Health Information Resources

3 Necessary Accounts for Research

Register for three accounts that will help you in research -

1. ILLIAD - for interlibrary loans of articles that are not available as full text electronically or in print at LHS. LHS delivery is rapid and you may have your article as soon as 1-2 days!

Sign up at:

You will need your I-Card number, which starts with 28198 or 20111 - you only need to fill out the first page - don't worry about the account information page.


2. Refworks - the citation management database can be accessed online from anywhere. 

a. Sign-up at:

The RefWorks Group Code may be needed for when you working off campus.   You will need to login with your NETID and password to get the group code.

b. Familiarize yourself with the Refwork's tutorials page at LHS

These tutorials are well worth the time and provide an introduction to the many time-saving features associated with using Refworks to manage your citations and write your papers using Cite-n-Write.

c. Next, view an introductory video on Refworks at UIC (this is the first tutorial on the guide)



3. MYNCBI - PubMed's online bibliographic management system and more - use it to save collections, searches, bibliographies....

a. Sign-up at:

 b. Watch the tutorial on MYNCBI  for an Overview