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UIC Library Faculty Profile: Jung Mi Scoulas, Assistant Professor: Research & Presentations

Curriculum Vitae


Research Interest:

My current research interests focus on assessment, research design, survey design, student learning, strategic plans and professional development practices. Another area of research interests focus on the impact of parental involvement and intergenerational relationships on adolescent’s academic success and psychological well being (e.g., self-esteem and depressive symptom) among immigrant families, focusing on Latino and Asian. 


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Scoulas, J.M. (2021). STEM undergraduate students: library use, perceptions and GPA, Performance Measurement and Metrics, 

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Scoulas, J. M. (2018). Exploring Mexican Immigrant Parental Involvement in Adolescents' Education: A Mixed Methods Study (Doctoral dissertation).

Academic Presentations

Fox, A., Croxton, B., Pirillo, J., & Scoulas, J.M. (January 22-26, 2021), ACRL Value of Academic Libraries Committee, News You can, Webinar, ALA Midwinter 2021

Carrillo, E & Scoulas, J.M (November 9, 2020), IACRL People’s Choice Award in Scholarly Publishing Winners, “Welcome to the Library: Data-Driven Student Worker Empowerment, Illinois Association of College & Research,  Libraries Association Forum.merge-and-join.html

Lauseng, D. Scoulas, J.M., Berry, A., & Howard, C., (August 15-19,2020). Users in Focus: Challenges and Strategies for Data Collection in Website Surveys, Medical Library Association Conference, Oregon, Portland

Carrillo, E. Scoulas, J.M. & Khodarahmi, M (November 22, 2019). All are Welcome: Empowering Student Workers to Make the Library an Inclusive Hub, Access Service Conference, Atlanta, GA.


Annala, G., Janke, K., Mantzakides, T., Parisi H., Scoulas, J.M., & Stivers, R. (November, 2019). Cross-campus commonalities at CARLI Counts, poster presentation, CARLI annual meeting, Ischool Conference Center, IL.


Gregory, G, Scoulas, J.M., Berry A. & Slack, S. (October 22, 2019), Implementing and Assessing a Collection Mapping Tool, Illinois Library Association Conference, Tinley Park Convention Center, IL


Scoulas, J.M. & Berry A. (October 15, 2019), Improving Assessment of Technology, EDUCAUSE Annual Conference 2019, McCormick Place, Chicago, IL

Scoulas, J.M. & De Groote, S. (June 18, 2019), Factors affecting University Students’ Library Visits in person and online using a Multiple Regression Approach, paper presentation, Evidence Based Library and Information Practice 10, Glasgow, United Kingdom

Scoulas, J.M. & De Groote, S. (June 17, 2019), Assessing the University Library’s Impact on Students’ Academic Performance, poster presentation, Evidence Based Library and Information Practice 10, Glasgow, United Kingdom

Scoulas, J.M. (April 2019), Developing Logic Model Workshops for Library Staff: Strategies, Challenges, and Lessons. Paper presentation, 2019 Chinese American Library Association Midwest Conference. Webinar

Gregory, G. & Scoulas, J.M (April 2019), Going the distance: incorporating collection maintenance into the technical services department. Poster presentation, 2019 Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL), Cleveland, OH.

Scoulas, J.M & Humphries, M. L. (August 2018), Dispelling myths about Mexican immigrant parents assisting adolescents with homework, American Psychological Association. San Francisco, CA.

Scoulas, J.M & Humphries, M. L. (April 2018), Mexican immigrant parental involvement and its influence on adolescents’ outcomes, Society for Research on Adolescence. Minneapolis, MN.

Scoulas, J.M & Humphries, M. L. (February 2018), Does Mexican immigrant parental involvement influence their adolescents’ outcomes? UIC College of Education 9Th Annual Research day, Chicago, IL

Scoulas, J.M & Humphries, M. L. (April 2017), Discrepancy in academic Expectations, and adolescents’ psychological well-being among East Asian Americans, Society for Research in Child Development, Austin, TX.

Scoulas, J.M & McKearin, C (November 2016), Demystifying Grade Center, TechTeach Conference, University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL.

Scoulas, J.M & Humphries, M. L. (October 2015), Mexican immigrant parental involvement and students’ academic achievement, Mid-Western Educational Research Association, Evanston, IL.

Scoulas, J. M. & Humphries, M. L.  (March 2015). East Asian American adolescents’ perceptions of parental expectations and the impact on adolescents’ psychological well-being. Poster presented at the biennial meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development, Philadelphia, PA.

Scoulas, J.M and Humphries, M. L. (April 2014), East Asian American adolescents’ and parents’ educational expectations and their impact on adolescents’ psychological well-being, University of Illinois at Chicago Student Research Forum, Chicago, IL.

Scoulas, J.M (April 2014), Help adult learners accomplish their goals. Literacy Volunteers of Illinois: On the Road to Literacy Conference, Chicago, IL.