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Pharmacy Systems, Outcomes, & Policy

Resource guide developed for the PSOP department to support student and faculty research and education.

Student Information

Alumni Research and Dissertations

For the most recent list, visit the College of Pharmacy's Alumni page here.  
Name Degree Title  
Shan Xing Ph.D. Dissertation: "Second generation antipsychotics and diabetes outcomes in patients with depression and diabetes."  
Swarnava Sanyal M.S. Capstone: "Radical differences and comparative effectiveness of rituximab-based therapies in elderly follicular lymphoma and other indolent lumphoma patients."  
Jennifer Samp Ph.D. Dissertation: "Comparative Efficacy and Safety of Combination Treatments for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease." Abstract Only at this time
Name Degree Title  
Wan-Ju Lee Ph.D. Dissertation: "Utilization and risk of serious infection associated with TNF-a inhibitors in children and young adults." UIC Access Only
Yash Jalundhwala Ph.D. Dissertation: "The role of health-related lifestyle attitudes in understanding health behaviors and outcomes." Abstract Only at this time
Kibum Kim Ph.D. Dissertation: "Insight into the use and outcomes of anti-platelet agents in patients with acute coronary syndrome." Abstract Only at this time
Yu-Ting Hung M.S. Capstone: "Patient experience-based value sets: are they stable?"  
Jin Ryu M.S. Capstone: "Progress and challenges of mental health service in Sub-Saharan Africa."  
Name Degree Title  
Vardhaman Patel Ph.D. Dissertation: "Direct thrombin inhibitors: use and consequences in patients with heparin-induced thrombocytopenia." Abstract Only at this time
Iulia Ursan M.S. Capstone: "Engaging patients and caregivers to inform the need for patient navigators during hospital to home transitions."  
Name Degree Title  
Wei-Han (Wendy) Cheng M.S. Capstone: “Positive outcomes of varicose vein surgery: the patient perspective.”  
Anurag Mohan M.S. Capstone: “Evaluating medication discrepancies among different medication lists in the electronic medical record.”  
Kun Peng M.S. Capstone: “The misdiagnosis of COPD by spirometry in the US.”  
Shraddha Shinde M.S. Capstone: “Impact of patient perceptions of outcomes on willingness to consider knee surgery.”  
Shishir Sarangpur M.S. Capstone: “Impact of clinical services on the quality of anticoagulation control.”  
Name Degree Title  
Fung-Ju (Irene) Lin Ph.D. Dissertation: "Condition specific applications for the valuation of health." Open Access
Garima Sharma M.S. Capstone: "Psychometric validation of FACIT-dyspnea scale in COPD patients."  
Sacheeta Bathija M.S. Thesis: “Anticoagulation management in patients who have undergone hip and knee replacement surgery.”  
Name Degree Title  
Jennifer Samp M.S. Capstone: “Economic evaluation of the impact of medication errors reported by US clinical pharmacists.”  
Sruthi Adimadhyam M.S. Thesis: “Risk of arrhythmias associated with inhaled anticholinergics in young individuals with asthma.” Open Access